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Send me your flaws #fridayflaws

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

In this edition of Friday Flaws I want to implore anyone to send me their flaws. Deep down what do you find as your flaw. Society instructions us to hide yourself from the world. But what if our flaws were our strengths. All the bullying just sets people up for fear of showing the flaw. In my view, flaws are actually our perfections. Having a flaw is why I would want to be your friend. That is why I have created this blog. I want you to anonymously or publicly rejoice in your flaws. Lets celebrate what we think is our inadequacies!! Send me your most loved or feared flaw to When sending this flaw you give me permission to repost in my blog or on Instagram. I can give you photo cred or not. This is your choice. Come on and put yourself out there. I want to create a community outlet for anyone dealing with self hate to actually celebrate the uniqueness of our individual flaws. I think I can then connect you by triangulating said flaw all over the world to someone else that shares your flaw. Confidence is loving who we are. Even loving our flaws. Reveal anything you want as long as it is true.

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